Subscription video on demand (SVOD) has been the fastest growing media sector in the past few years; yet actionable insights on over-the-top (OTT) usage and consumer preferences are virtually nonexistent, despite new content launches and greater consumer content availability.

Globally, English-speaking American programs were in the top five most-viewed programs in 14 of 15 countries profiled.

1st Century Fox Television continued to lead as the number one production studio, based on the number of globally indexed OTT streams.

Sitcoms, Crime TV, TV Action & Adventure, and TV Mysteries dominated the top five in genre rankings.

Viewership of newly released library content on Netflix is always less drastic than viewership of original programming because library content has already aired on linear television and was accessible on-demand. Alternatively, Netflix is the only platform for viewing Netflix original programming.

Total original content viewing by US viewers accounts for one of the smallest percentages of total content viewing among 16 countries profiled, indicating that Netflix has much room to offer additional original content in the future.


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